Martin Whelan | Design & Art Direction

Discovery & Report Design

College of Probation and Parole Officers

Design Strategy | Layout Design

The Challenge

Conduct a discovery review and needs assessment of the training models and content related to its Probation and Parole Officer (PPO) basic training curriculum. This review was prompted in part by the Ministry’s move towards the modernization of correctional and probationary services, with the goal of a rehabilitation-based model focused on the principles of societal reintegration.

The key objectives

Review the overall PPO program for improvements in content integration and instructional effectiveness including in-class and digital materials. Create a report detailing the discovery process and recommendations.

My Role

This project was the second of it’s type for the same government client. This project followed a similar structure with regards to research activities. For this project I acted as a consultant within the research phase advising on activities that follow UX principles such as card sorts, surveys etc. I also functioned as the visual designer for the layout for 4 reports throughout the duration of the project. This focus here was to distil complex information and insights and present them in an approachable manner.