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5 Guys Chillin'

Art Direction | Design

The Project

5 Guys Chillin’ is a play that revolves around five gay men, which shines a light on a dark and often dangerous subculture of gay men who like to Party ‘n’ Play (PnP or chemsex); engaging in high risk sexual encounters while under the influence of recreational drugs.¬†Compiled from real interviews by UK playwright Peter Darney, the show’s biggest impact stems from its authenticity.

The Challenge

To encourage ticket sales, visualize the world in which the show lives and find a balance between the sensitive subject matter and creating excitement for the show.

The Approach

I created the overall visual look of the production, including all marketing materials, website assets and set design. I created a campaign that was referential of the original UK production while considering the tone of the environment in which the show takes place. I leveraged the experiences of local health care workers when deciding on tone. I wanted to ensure a sense of realism coupled with visually appealing design for the LGBTQ target market.

Poster Design

Program Layout

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